You want to get healthy! You’ve kicked the alcohol and smoking habit, now what?

You want to get healthy, enough is enough, right?  You have kicked your alcohol habit and your smoking habit, congratulations! Now what? We would suggest kicking the soda habit, followed by processed foods, and by tackling those habits, you would automatically reduce your sugar consumption.

How to get healthy

But how do you accomplish all of that? Everyone will have unique experiences, and will have their ah-ha moments at different times along the way.

To successfully improve your health, every small improvement is a success. That is the truth, so try and embrace that each day. Celebrate the baby steps.

If you have already conquered the alcohol or smoking habit successfully, look at how you did that. Since that method worked for you, you should start with that same approach and apply it to kicking the soda, or junk food habit too.

Cold turkey, daily or weekly goals, whatever works. Realize that willpower is always involved in the beginning to some extent, especially when dealing with addictive substances, including sugar and other food chemicals. Willpower has to be the driving force until your body chemistry changes enough so that your cravings are not as strong coming from the physical or cellular level.

Get healthy with exercise

Exercise always speeds the process of moving toward a healthier body, and healthier choices. Find something YOU can do; walk, bike, swim, lift weights, bounce on a rebounder. It’s a lot harder to stick to your healthy lifestyle changes regarding food and drink, without having the effects of exercise boosting metabolism and effecting change via the detox systems like lungs and lymph.

We have many articles that give you ideas for making healthy changes. And if you use organic and clean ingredients, all of our recipes can be a part of your healthy lifestyle too. Leftovers from a healthy homemade recipe, are always better snacks than something you buy in a box, formed into unnatural shapes, full of unnatural colors and ingredients.

Follow these steps

These are the areas you want to hit first on this site. Scroll to the top of this page, under the category Fitness, hit the sub-category Diet, and read all posts. Under the category Energy, hit the sub-category Cleanse/Detox and read all posts.

Let us know how you are doing, leave comments on any posts you find relevant to your situation.

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