You need a longterm daily strategy for building and keeping your energy up.

Lack of energy goes beyond what you feel as “tired”. Low energy or fatigue affects our unconscious processes like digestion, circulation, and immune response. Every biological function is affected, therefore so is our overall health. A longterm daily strategy is needed for building and keeping your energy up.

What is energy?

At the cellular level, energy is produced when glucose is converted to ATP. The catch here is that the food you eat needs to be a quality raw material and nutrient dense, for the conversion process of glucose to ATP to occur. Let’s say you have those 2 parts in check, if you have cell damage, the conversion process may still be halted due to the fact the cells are not up to the task.

Keeping your energy up.

Whatever glucose is not used to produce the needed ATP, it is stored in the liver as glycogen and released in times of shortage converting to ATP. Lacking energy is a signal that either your glycogen stores are exhausted or that sub par cellular function is preventing its release.

Super foods and tonic herbs can help with all of this. One of the reasons is that they contain a wealth of polysaccharides that easily convert to ATP, and contain thousands of phytonutrients and anti-oxidants to help prevent and repair cell damage and get those sluggish cells working optimally. It is no coincidence that supplements like Spirulina, Aloe, Goji, and Mushrooms, just to name a few, also love to support the health of the liver, spleen and kidneys. Put all of this together and you have energy production offered by nutrition, keeping your energy up without getting the jitters.

Resist the quick fix!

Stop buying supplements that contain caffeine or stimulating herbs like Guarana. Before turning to coffee, carbs, and sugar mid-day, look to your superfoods and tonic herbs. We all want the quick fix, but the price you will pay will be increased energy drain, and stress on the heart and the adrenal glands. When all of that gets out of wack, recovering that lost energy becomes harder and harder to do, requiring more and more stimulants for you to feel like you are even functioning at a normal level of energy.

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