Why you shouldn’t eat breakfast or eat before a workout.

Dr. Mercola keeps posting articles on this subject, and it has me tickled pink because although this is what I have done intuitively for over 20 years, it goes against what almost all health professionals claim, which is: eat breakfast, it should be your biggest meal of the day.

Intermittent Fasting

The first article I saw was – Burn Away Fat Cells With This Simple Eating Trick. This headline caught my attention because Mercola doesn’t usually post too much “fluff”. The article highlighted all of the latest science on what is called “scheduled eating” or “intermittent fasting”. I had no idea about these authors or recent science, and coincidently we had already started posting a series on what we are calling “the Everyday Cleanse” – based on what I have been doing for the last 20 years!

For this post, rather than rewrite all of the information, below are 4 additional links for the articles Dr. Mercola has posted on the subject. I have also included a highlighted list of exactly what I personally do or have experienced over the last 20 years that he talks about in the articles.

  • Normalize weight/fat loss without muscle loss.
  • Main food intake is between 12:00 and 8:00 “8 hour diet”.

Don’t eat breakfast?

I follow a similar schedule as Dr. Mercola’s quote: “I will typically delay my breakfast until 11 or 12 and workout around 9 a.m.” Since my last meal is typically around 7 PM, I will fast for about 14-17 hours before I eat my first meal. The fact that you are sleeping during most of this time makes it relatively painless and easy to do.

  • Intermittent fasting is a lifestyle, not a diet.
  • When I do eat, what I consume is pure, clean, and organic, with high nutrient density. Especially when refueling and focusing on recovery after a workout.

Benefits of working out in a fasted state

“Part of what makes working out in a fasted state so effective is that your body actually has a preservation mechanism that protects your active muscle from wasting itself. So if you don’t have sufficient fuel in your system when you exercise, you’re going to break down other tissues but not the active muscle, i.e. the muscle being exercised. According to Ori Hofmekler, author of The Warrior Diet”

I also love the potential of boosting longevity, lessening inflammation, lowering triglycerides, increasing HGH levels, and the positive influence on insulin, gherkin (a “hunger hormone”) and other healthy hormonal functions. To read all of this in detail, check out the following dated Mercola posts.





There are additional links to more of Dr. Mercola’s articles on the subject in another post we did about cellulite.

If you missed our series that touches on this subject, check it out by typing Everyday Cleanse into the search box. It is easy, it is a lifestyle, and I personally have reaped the benefits over the years!

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