Why Spinach and Kale do not go into my smoothies.

Smoothie Recipe

When I make a smoothie, I look at it as a meal of supplements and super foods that are less likely to be consumed as “regular food” on my dinner plate. I don’t have anything against putting fresh spinach and kale into a smoothie, but I prefer to actually eat those foods vs. blending them into a liquid.

Skip the Spinach and Kale

When you buy high quality super foods, greens powders, and plant protein powders, you will get much higher nutrient density, and bang for your buck per serving than you would blending the actual veggies. It is so easy to use concentrated super foods and greens. There is less mess involved, and they make the whole smoothie making process less time consuming! Look how much healthy deliciousness fit into this smoothie:

8 oz Organic Almond Milk
4 oz Organic Pure Tart Cherry Juice
2 oz Sea Buckthorn Puree
2 oz CocoYo CocoKefir
1 Tbsp Chyavanprash
1 Tbsp Algae Omega
2 Tbsp Resveratrol Tonic
2 servings PhytoBerry
2 servings Organic Wheatgrass Powder
2 servings Camu Camu Powder
2 servings Greens Powder
1 serving Pure Green Protein Chocolate
1 serving Harmonized Plant Protein Berry
Ice as needed.

Serves 2


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