Why love Enzymes? They are Life, they are Safe, and they Multitask.

If there is one category of supplements that doesn’t get enough attention for all of the support they can provide to your body and your life span, given how extremely safe they are to ingest even at high potencies, is supplemental enzymes. Why should you love enzymes? Let’s find out!

Enzymes are life.

Supplement with life? Ok, sounds like a great idea – dare we say “anti-aging”!? Everything our body does every second is a result of an enzyme reaction. No enzymes = no action or reaction = no life. The more efficient, effective, and available enzymes are in your body, potentially the more life, energy, efficiency and health you will have.

Enzymes are safe.

Enzyme supplements are extremely safe and effective. These little proteins, in very simple terms, turn on and off as needed and you can’t “overdose” in the same way you could by taking too much iron or vitamin A.

Enzymes multitask.

Enzymes do everything; they are like the “triple threat” of the supplement world. They digest, they metabolize, and they repair.

Enzymes for digestion are the most common reason people seek them out. Taken with each meal they can help you get the most out of your meal, and then help get the meal out of you too. Digestion requires more energy (enzymes) than almost any other bodily function. Considering the amount and quality of food one consumes throughout the day, supplementing with enzymes makes sense, especially if you have any “digestive challenges”.

Enzymes on an empty stomach can get busy doing other things like repairing and rebuilding, and supporting the body’s healthy response to inflammation. They love to gobble up dead and damaged tissue, and unwelcome accumulating fibers and pathogens like fungus, yeast, viruses, and bacteria.

Let us know if you take enzymes and why.

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