Which is better for you, Chia Seed or Flax Seed?

Chia and Flax

People tend to ask me questions like this a lot about food, exercise, and supplements. Many times my answer is “they are both good, it’s like apples and oranges, they are both healthful, completely different nutritionally, yet they are both fruit; so eat/do/take them both.” Lately it seems this question has come up a few times about chia and flax.

I took some time looking at a few comparison charts and labels for the differences between the two.

The noteworthy basics

They are almost equal in Protein and Fiber levels.

Chia is much higher in Minerals.

Flax is much higher in Vitamins.

Fat contents are similar, chia may have a little more of a diverse profile when it comes to the actual number of different fatty acid compounds.

Surprisingly, the lignans in chia are much higher! Lignan’s contain a lot of the extra special nutrition, so you definitely want those. Therefore, not surprisingly, the antioxidant level is much higher in chia.

In conclusion

I will start consuming more of the actual chia seed, skip buying flax seed, and buy high-lignan flax oil instead. The chia seeds will go in my smoothies and sometimes on cereal, baked goods and fruit salads. The nutty taste of flax oil is great drizzled over steamed rice and veggies, and as a replacement for butter on toast, etc.

We have many posts that include both of these wonderful foods. Type either one into the search box and see what goodies you can find! You can not go wrong with either one, so when in doubt – just use it!

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