Wheatgrass or Wheat Grass? Find out which (WG) is best.

There is quite a difference nutritionally and energetically between WG grown in trays and then juiced, vs. WG grown in the earth for a full growing season and then juiced. Even if you fortify the WG in the tray with vitamins and minerals, the results can be a significantly different in the juice it produces compared to roots that made their way deep into the earth to collect its nutrition.

Tray vs. in-ground

Tray grown WG tends to produce a molecular structure that looks more like a simple sugar vs. WG grown for a full season in-ground. In-ground WG will look more like a complex carbohydrate and typically contains more chlorophyll whether juiced, powdered, consumed fresh, or freeze dried.

To juice or not to juice

There are 2 schools of thought on juicing and freeze drying into a powder, vs. creating a powder with the whole leaf without juicing first. The first way may make the nutrients more bioavailable, the second way will yield a higher fiber content. Know your company, notice how long they have been in business, and ask them questions. They should present you factual data to back up their reasoning and manufacturing, and if you still can’t decide, alternate between your top 2 or 3 choices. Of course there are purists that will only claim benefits to a fresh pressed juice, and that’s cool, but the tray vs. in-ground is still at play. And for compliance, we want as many options as possible.

Wheatgrass or Wheat Grass?

The difference actually follows the train of thought we are on. Wheat Grass dates back to the 40’s and 50’s, and then made a comeback in the 70’s as one of the first versions of what we know as a multi-vitamin today. This grass came from farms and grew in soil. Also popularized in the 70’s by the famous sprouting guru Dr. Ann Wigmore, Wheatgrass juice became popular because of her and is why we still have wheatgrass juice in juice bars to this day world wide. We decided it was easiest to just go with WG, as we will ingest all forms as long as it is high quality. 🙂

Does WG contain gluten?

If you are allergic to gluten you won’t be allergic to WG. The grass harvested by companies that specialize in WG has been collected before it “joints” and starts to become the plant that produces the wheat berry that contains the gluten. There is no trace of gluten in the product if harvested and processed correctly.

If you are not sure, and suffer with allergies, always check with your doctor to confirm your allergy. The high chlorophyll content and abundance of vitamins and minerals would more likely be a wonderful food for a person with allergies.

Saftey and use

WG is safe before, during, and after pregnancy, and is a source of folic acid. It is also safe for children of all ages.

When comparing high quality grasses, there is very little difference between WG and Barley Grass. If you are concerned with the issue of allergies, or prefer the taste of one over the other, pick the one you will stick to using.

Let us know when and how you use WG! Do you grow it and juice it yourself, or do you buy a high quality powder? Do you take it straight, or add it to another juice or smoothie?

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  2. Yae! Organic Wheat Grass is grown on a few thousand acres of Organic Farmland. We plant according to season. Wheat Grass is harvested in the Spring and Fall. The wheat grass is grown and harvested within a 10 mile radius of the plant. The cut grass is brought straight to the plant where it is processed. During the drying process the product stays below 106 degrees F. The end Result is a Raw Powder that retains the natural attributes of a fresh juice. Including the Natural Colors and Flavors, but more importantly the vitamins, minerals, protein, chlorophyll, enzymes and natural pro-biotic properties. The Powder is blended and standardized and ultimately packaged into foil bags with nitrogen flush. For more info, or to try our Wheat Grass check out Yaeorganics.com

    • Melanie says:

      Sounds great. Yae! We look forward to trying your product sometime! Maybe a we should do a review/giveaway post here on SW!? Thanks for following us!

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