What makes a visit to a holistic dentist a unique experience?

I’m always in search of the healthiest, most natural and effective version of almost everything. This includes my choice of health care providers, which is why I prefer holistic dentistry. Here are some highlights of my typical visit to the holistic dentist that may be a bit different than a visit to a traditional dentist.

Initial appointment

The first things that are routinely checked upon arrival are blood pressure, pulse ox, vitamin C level (saliva test), and PH level (saliva test).

If you need X-Rays, they use digital imaging (90% less radiation than traditional dental X-Rays). The images pop up on a big screen in front of you, as each one is taken so you can see them. This allows them to be referenced during your appointment.

First time appointments could include muscle testing or kinesiology, regular camera photos taken of mouth, bite, and smile. A bite mold may also be done.


Gone are the days of hard tools scraping your teeth and gums during a cleaning. An effective and gentler approach is what dentists have used in Europe for years. Air Polishing uses the amino acid powder glycine to remove the biofilm, this process reduces the amount of bacteria present following the cleaning compared to traditional techniques. My teeth look and feel cleaner compared to the results from traditional cleanings I have received in the past.

Speaking of bacteria in the mouth, my dentist also includes ozone treatment as part of the standard cleaning. Ozone kills viruses, fungus, and bacteria on contact. Ozone water, oil, and gas are all regular components of the protocol.

Lastly, fluoride is never used, and never recommended.

Do you visit a holistic dentist? Let us know!

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