What is an Alkaline Diet? Nicole describes in her own words:

Have you heard the word alkaline often? I have been hearing it more and more. I’ve seen the same massage therapist since I was 14 years old who is also a Naturopathic Physician (so I get lots of great advice when getting a massage!). She has always spoke about the body being alkalized and how she believes that prevents cancer in her opinion. I felt that I had a pretty alkalized diet (lots of greens, not much meat, no sugar or caffeine) so I was on the right track there. That’s about all I knew!

Broken down a bit more, this is how I understand it

When eating alkalized foods it’s easy for the body to break them down and to keep your pH levels in balance. When those levels are out of balance (eating processed foods, sugar and caffeine – which are acidic) your body is not getting the nutrition is needs so it takes minerals from your bones. This is why an alkaline diet is said to be very helpful for osteoporosis since your body gets the proper nutrition from food and doesn’t take from your bones.

The “rich man’s diet” of cheese, meat, and sweets causes many ailments such as lack of energy, low immune system, and headaches because the body is out of balance, or too acidic. There is a great book called Alkalize or Die that lists the pH level for the foods we eat. It’s really easy and very much common sense. Eating veggies (good) have a higher pH and eating white bread is very low (not good). The diet is based off the idea of “hunters and gatherers” and very minimally processed foods, fruits, vegetables and little meat.

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