Wedding Wellness Question? Did you or will you workout on your wedding day? Why, when, & how?

We can see both sides of the story. For some of you, adding a workout to your wedding day will be the most routine thing you do on the big day. You will find value and calm by making sure you have time for a workout. Many of you know the workout high will also keep you coasting throughout the day.

Others of you will look at it as your day off from regular life. As your day is filled with other luxurious things to focus on, adding a workout will stress you out due to time constraints.

We want to hear from you. Did you work out on your wedding day? If you are engaged, do you plan to? Let us know yes, no, or maybe and then tell us why. If you did or you plan to, tell us when you fit it in and what kind of workout. Run? Bike? Weights? Yoga? What about your spouse, will they workout? Will your workout together? Fill us in……..

Wedding day fitness.

If you do workout on your wedding day, will you do it alone to clear your head, or with your mate or with friends and family?

Wedding day fitness 2

What kind of workout will you do? Where will you do it?

Wedding day fitness 3

Give us some insight in the comment box below!

Michelle says: “I am planning on waking up early, doing my morning reading, and then doing some type of exercise. Probably a few yoga poses and a power walk around our neighborhood if I have time. I won’t have time for much else.”

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