Wedding planner Nicole Kaney shares her a-ha moment when discovering high quality supplements.

After wrapping up my last wedding of the season I packed up my car & dog and we headed to meet my husband for the summer in Washington, DC. We had a slew of visitors and had fun living in a big city. A few weeks later I was beat! Everything had caught up with me and I needed to kick start my immune system. I felt so run down and sleep wasn’t helping enough. I knew I needed to try some supplements & vitamins.

I’ve always leaned towards the natural world so this was an obvious fit for me. I went to a store that carries vitamins and asked the person working for assistance with an immune booster. They were very nice but didn’t know much about the products so they directed me to the shelf where the endless bottles were. I picked one that looked good and made my purchase. I took the pills for a week and noticed no changes.

After that, I called my friend Melanie and she asked me to read her the ingredients on the bottle. She told me the vitamins were full of binders and fillers. I had no idea that there was such a variety on the vitamins I took. I thought I was really educated and I’ve even worked for Whole Foods Market so I was shocked how much more I had to learn. Vitamins are like anything else in life. There’s good quality and not so good quality. I’ve now learned what good quality vitamins are and that’s just one of the reasons I love Dream Day Essentials.

That conversation with Melanie sparked a thought about keeping brides healthy through the planning process, wedding and honeymoon. What a vision! Dream Day Essentials are perfect for brides yet so many other demographics take and benefit from these products as well. Yours truly included.
After taking these formulas and really strengthening my immune system my following wedding season was a very different story. I feel better than ever……

Post by Nicole

Photo Credit: Katie Beyer

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