Wedding / Health Planner Version 1.0 for the night before your big day. The 7 healthiest things to do.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the next 48 hours that you have been dreaming of and preparing for over the last year. Here are the  7 healthiest things to do the night before, starting in the late afternoon or early evening:

The 7 healthiest things to do the night before your wedding day

1. Enjoy some spa time or at least a manicure.

2. Take a yoga class – a beginning to intermediate level or something restorative. You don’t want to be sore tomorrow.

3. Have a healthy dinner: your favorite lean protein, veggies and/or salad, and don’t skip the carbs just choose wisely – quinoa or brown rice even in cracker form if you prefer. Keep it clean, but don’t try anything new or out of the ordinary. Skip the garlic, onions and caffeine.

4. Call anyone you want to or need to check in with and wish them good night – make sure to let people know that you are in for the night, winding down and don’t wish to be disturbed. Most of your party will respect that, and will wish you a relaxing night with sweet dreams. Give thanks to those who have gone the extra mile for you. And of course that last goodnight call to your sweetie.

5. Take a bath, especially if you didn’t get any spa services today. Time to pamper yourself. Have the candles, the essential oils, the salts and scrubs, but skip the wine, and make sure to have some spa water or tea to stay hydrated.

6. Enjoy something you love. Music, a book, or even a romantic comedy if you want to take your mind off of getting nervous if you have those tendencies. Just avoid keeping the TV, computer, or iPad on late into the night. You are better off reading from a book, or just listening to a relaxing talk radio program or podcast.

7. Relax and enjoy your bed and your beauty sleep. If you need some more tips to help you settle in, check out this post. This is not the time to try a sleeping pill for the first time, especially a pharmaceutical one, whether over the counter or not. You don’t want any surprises about how you will wake up feeling.

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