Wedding / Health Planner Version 1.0 for 6-8 weeks out. Goal: Start married life as healthy as possible.

If you have not made a commitment to regular exercise, now is the time to say “I Do” to a personal trainer. This person will keep you on track with regular workouts over the next 6-8 weeks.

In addition you and your fiancé may want to also commit to a membership to a local fitness facility, so you can go together now, and get right back to it when you return from your honeymoon.

Remember our ultimate goal is that you start your married life as healthy as possible and stay that way. Or better yet, get even healthier as you live your life together. Your vows may have contained the words “in sickness and in health”, and we want this to be overwhelmingly health!

When you are stocking up and deciding on bar reception essentials, you might want to consider drinks with herbs. Not only are they a beautiful addition to the beverage, and an easy way to tie in color or décor themes, you will even be doing your guests a favor by giving them a bit of extra antioxidant protection and nutrition without them even knowing it.

Prior to your final dress fitting you will want to make sure you have your veil, jewelry and shoes picked out. If you have decided to reap the health benefits of going barefoot for some part of your wedding, you want to keep dress length and bustling in mind.

Confirm hotel reservations for out of town guests. Encourage your guests to use spa and gym services by working with hotel at time of block reserve to offer perks like free use of amenities, or discounts on spa services or packages.

Brides do a trail hair appointment. If you take a B Complex it will typically have biotin in it, which helps ensure beautiful hair, and the other B’s in the formula are essential for healthy hair, skin, and nails too.

Buy gifts for your bridal party. Keep the healthy theme going. If you have been taking supplements you know someone would love, or they have complemented you on your glowing skin or your amazing energy, what a unique gift to give! Tea sets, yoga accessories, natural gem stones personalized to each persons unique qualities, workout sessions with your trainer or class punch card, or a gift card for workout clothes. The possibilities are endless.

Take time for thanks. As you receive gifts whether from your shower, bachelorette party, or registry, set aside quite time each week to enjoy the process of giving thanks. Taking time to write thank you cards helps you reflect on how important all of these people are to you in your life. Make a cup of tea, grab your favorite pen, and make a ritual out of it.

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