Wedding / Health Planner for 6-8 months out. Get healthier, more fit, and less stressed.

Getting married? Big event in 6 months? Here is your wedding / health planner for 6-8 months out. Before we make this all about you, if you are a bride, check in with each of your bridesmaids. Not only on dresses and other details, but take a moment to get personal. How is their health? Show them some love. Taking the time to ask about what is going on in their world, will really be appreciated!

If your bridesmaids or friends and family have not joined you on your health and fitness journey yet, invite them to come along encouraging them that it is never too late. They want to look good in your wedding too. But if they are resisting, don’t push too hard, this will just end up causing more stress for you.

Wedding / Health Planner for 6-8 months out

Since you have been working out regularly for the last few months, time to reward your self with some new workout clothes! Whether you have been doing a ballet style workout, yoga, or cross training, you want to feel bridal beautiful all of the time!

Time to schedule appointments for facials and acupuncture so you will be photo ready. Sometimes these can be done at the same location, but take the time to do your research. We have posted a lot about the benefits of acupuncture as a natural “face lift”. Not only is it facial rejuvenation, but whole body rejuvenation! Don’t skip this step in your healthy wedding planning.

If you have been taking high quality supplements on a daily basis, most likely you have noticed an improvement in your nails and hair. If you have not started these yet, it is not too late. If you have purchased them and have not been remembering to take them, try to time it with something you do consistently everyday as part of that routine.

Diet? No, lifestyle!

Lastly really start focusing on reducing sugar intake now. This will help keep your immune system strong and your sugar and carb cravings down if you start this now before the next wave of wedding planning stress kicks in. Hopefully you have been on a healthier eating pattern already, but it is time to step it up a bit.

Except for whole pieces of fruit, eliminate concentrated amount of sugars. Start to read the labels of everything you buy and use for the amount of sugar contained in the product. But stay away from “sugar free” products. These are usually chemicals, and if not, they are still training your sweet tooth to stay sweet. If you eat from the earth, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this. Another wedding benefit to this step is when you go for cake tastings, your palate will really require high quality balanced flavors, rather than a sugar explosion, to taste yummy.

Keep “journaling” on your wedding blog, sharing your experiences may inspire others without you even knowing it. Learn a new fitness tip? Share it. Eating a new superfood? Share it. Found something you love? Share it!

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