Wedding / Health Planner Version 1.0 For 2-3 months out. Resources for your to-do’s for healthy I-Do’s

Choosing accessories no matter what your style, don’t rule out natural stones, crystals, metals and gems. Go glam with crystals, high fashion with metals, and natural with stones. Each element can bring additional meaning and energy to your wedding. These themes can be carried over onto the bridesmaids and into your décor.

If you still need wedding bands, now is the time to pick those out as well. Consider education yourself and choose to buy from a dealer that guarantees ethical origins, conflict free, and recycled gold options.

Speaking of bands. Get out your resistance bands for additional quick toning on top of your regular workout schedule.

If you need a great green wedding favor check this out from Karmalades.

Have you been taking your vitamins or supplements? Are you taking Dream Day Essentials? Are you looking and feeling great No? The head back though our Wedding Wellness posts to see what you are forgetting. Big improvements in health, fitness, and stress levels can still be achieved in 2-3 months. It is not too late to get your fiancé on board with you too!

Keep in mind this is not the time to be crash dieting. Your dress and tux fittings will be taking place now. Don’t throw more stress into the picture by having your weight fluctuating drastically. Remember your goal is to enter marriage bliss truly blissful, and this means being healthfully ever after.

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