Wedding / Health Planner Version 1.0 for 1-2 weeks out. 10 healthy things to do as much as possible.

Do as many of these things as possible, as much as possible, within the 14 day period leading up to your wedding day to set yourself up for looking and feeling your best.
If you don’t put off planning for this, and if you have accomplished everything else on your regular wedding planning check list, you can easily make time for these 10 healthy things.

1. Do yoga and focus on inversions, deep breathing, and relaxation. Rabbit pose, downward dog, standing forward fold variations, headstand, plow pose, fish, and legs up the wall pose. All of these bring blood to the face enhancing circulation to that area and encouraging a healthy glow. Doing an inversion practice and ending with yoga breathing practices like: lions breath, alternate nostril breath, bellows breath, breath of fire, etc. will give you the best chance of maintaining that fresh yoga glow right up until your big day. The blood to the brain and the energizing breath will also give you additional support in the stress and energy department.

2. Get yourself to a spa! You need a mani pedi anyway, and you should get a massage. Get savvy and schedule them on 2 or 3 different days, massage first, then pedi, then mani a day or two later. Take advantage of the other spa amenities each time: steam room, sauna, whirlpool, herbal baths, etc. If they have a gym or fitness classes even better.

3. Eat berries, especially Goji and seabuckthorn berries, and super foods. Watermelon is also great because it is a natural diuretic (eat the seeds too), and it has the pretty pink pigments that are so good for the skin and immune system.

4. Don’t forget your supplements. If you are a person that “gets off track” in taking your supplements, now is not the time to forget.

5. Get your beauty sleep. Allow yourself naps and sleeping in without guilt during this time.

6. Keep away from sugar and alcohol. They will both zap your fresh feeling and look.

7. Eat your oils. Focus on lots of veggies, either raw salads or steamed and utilize those amazing super oils as dressing or drizzle. Flax, hemp, chia, or a blend will keep the skin glowing and plump. Dying for chocolate? That’s ok, take a piece of dark chocolate and a spoonful of raw organic coconut oil. Satisfying and great for your skin and metabolism!

8. Exercise. A great option during this time is rebounding on a mini tramp. Quick and efficient, and amazing for blood and lymph circulation, all supporting your health and that healthy glow.

9. Stay hydrated. Tea is your best friend here and perfect timing since many brides like to host a bridesmaid tea as a thank you. If you choose wisely, the tea can be added support to your overall look and heath these next two weeks.

10. Get grounded. If your wedding is in a season or place where you can get outside and stroll barefoot, take deep breaths in the fresh air, and get some sunlight into the eyes and skin for some vitamin D. This would go a long way if done every day, even just for a few minutes, to feel grounded, relaxed, peaceful and beautiful.

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