Wearing too many hats can cause adrenal stress or burnout. Does this sound like you?

Trying to wear too many hats can cause adrenal stress or burnout leaving you feeling like you need to sleep for days to “recover” from a big event. Has this scenario ever happened to you? You have been “running on adrenaline”, relying on “Red Bull” and “Monster” all day, and then nothing sounds better than a vodka-tonic, or a glass of wine (or two), at the end of the day?

We know the types of things that cause adrenal stress are happening to people all of the time, we read it on Facebook, overhear it at the salon, and first hand from our friends and family.

Events that can cause adrenal stress:

Check out the examples below. Have any of the following events been added to your to-do list, on top of your “normal” day to day responsibilities?

Planning and coordinating: Fundraisers, reunions, trade shows, arts/music festivals, weddings, baby and bridal showers, graduations, holiday parties, the holidays in general, weekend education seminars – planner or participant

Don’t forget to include: Opening a new store / starting a new business, 
studying and preparing for finals, 
new job, extra responsibility, 
travel through time zones, 
new baby, 
, death in family – planning funeral
, illness of family member, 
body building or fitness competition

Any one of these events can be a major stressor, but a lot of us are managing 2, 3, or 4 of these things at once. You can prevent adrenal burnout or fatigue, if you prepare. If you are reading this now and are saying to yourself “this is me”, don’t worry, it is not too late.

Support for adrenal stress

When all of these hats you are wearing start to make you feel like you are going a bit overboard and you are finding it hard to adapt, it affects your body and your mind. This is when you want to look to supplement formulations that target adrenal health to keep you going strong.

This is why we love and write about supplements. Supplement your life in times of need to support your optimal health and wellbeing. It may have never occurred to you that there would be supplements available to support big events or change in your life, but there are! And on the flip side, people that burn the candle at both ends and never stop can supplement with adrenal supportive nutrients all of the time.

Another great approach is the use of essential oils. Look for blends that have the word adrenal in the name.

If you want to read and understand more about what your adrenal glands are, how to nourish them, and what happens if you don’t, type Adrenal Support into the SEARCH box on the upper right corner of our blog pages. We have many posts on the subject for you to explore!

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