Try something new! Inject some fun into your workout schedule. How about Flying Yoga?

This is “flying yoga”. In Sarasota, it is offered by a company called CircuSoul. They have 2 locations, one indoor where you “hang from the rafters” and their outdoor location (shown in the photographs shot by
the beautiful and talented Naomi Chokr) under the large oak and banyan trees.

Definitely our preferred location!Try Something New_CircuSoul_1002 copy
These are slings or hammocks, and don’t worry they are completely
secure, made from aerial fabric that feels sturdy and supportive.
Try Something New_CircuSoul_1004 copy
All you do is show up, I would say fitted yoga attire would be best, and
some prior yoga experience is beneficial, but not necessary. In the case
of CircuSoul, they offer many different levels and styles of yoga “woven”
in and out of these hammocks.

Try Something New_CircuSoul_1005 copy
One of the best things about flying yoga is the support you get for inversions. I love inversions because they not only make you feel
youthful, but they are actually anti-aging in the ways all yoga inversions are.
Simply look at the fact that you get more blood to the brain and face, decompression of the spine, rejuvenation of blood and lymph flow, and opposing our normal gravitational pull that weighs us down
day in and day out.

Try Something New_CircuSoul_1010 copy
You will find you can do most of the “classic” yoga poses or Asanas with these hammocks, but you also learn some new variations on these
classics because of the positions you can get into and hold.

Try Something New_CircuSoul_1017 copy
In my experience, if you are a person with vertigo, inner-ear issues, or
are prone to motion sickness, this may not be the activity for you. And although in many ways this practice could be therapeutic for healing
some injuries or health issues, make sure to discuss this with you
potential instructor first and then your doctor. The same goes if
pregnant or nursing.

Try Something New_CircuSoul_1018 copy
Otherwise if you are looking to inject some new energy and inspiration
into your workout schedule, enjoy some playful kid-like energy, add a
twist to your yoga practice, or need an excuse to start a yoga practice,
you should definitely check this out.

Michelle and I had a great time at both of the classes we took. We could totally see this as a way to kick off a girls night or weekend, or if brides wanted something unique to do for their shower or bachelorette party!

The CircuSoul website has more detailed info and photos for you
to peruse if interested. And if you want an Aerial Yoga Hammock of
your own to string up in your tree, you can contact them about that too.

Photo credit: Naomi Chokr Photography

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  1. bbrody says:

    Check out AntiGravity Fitness for the originators of this technique!

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