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Shortly after arriving in Nepal, I found myself on a round of antibiotics. I can’t even remember the last time I was on antibiotics in the States, preferring to handle things herbally and homeopathically. However, with a lack of easy access to such natural solutions and a situation that called for something stronger, I took advantage of the abundant allopathic medicine here.

Between doses of antibiotics, I made sure to take some of the probiotic supplements I brought with me. After all, antibiotics don’t differentiate between the “good” and “bad” bacteria in the body, so they eliminate all the helpful critters, too—a baby-with-the-bathwater situation. Helpful flora, or probiotics, in the body aid everything from digestion to immunity and mood.

Let’s be honest: I’m typically a bit of a supplements hoarder, but now that we’re traveling for a year in Asia, I have to use my small supplement stash wisely! Luckily, I am in a part of the world where food rich in probiotics is served regularly.

On every menu is “curd” or yogurt; in fact, we just got back from a trip to Bhaktapur, an ancient city outside Kathmandu, Nepal famous for its yogurt, or “King Curd.” In addition, very common is a drink called a “lassi” which is essentially a yogurt smoothie; you can get them mixed with fruit, or if you are adventurous, try a salty version. Yogurt in this part of the world has the benefit of being fresh and unadulterated, without the laundry list of additives found in some conventional brands of yogurt in America.

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