Today’s post says everything and nothing about our health, wellness, and society.

These days it seems that everyone is an authority on health and wellness. Our society is filled with opportunity to create health and wellness, yet sometimes these opportunities get lost due to our society’s priorities. It is important to break down all of this information to see what is really going on.

Lifestyle determines the health and wellness of society

To start, let’s help people value, find, and eat pure clean foods. Teach people the importance of listening to what their bodies are telling them to eat, and when to eat it. Or, more importantly, when not to. Next, let’s motivate people to exercise, and provide supplemental info to fill the gaps.

There is a lot of great scientific and testimonial evidence, as well as common sense and anecdotal info out there. However, because we are all different biologically, with very different lifestyles socially and socioeconomically, our experiences are all very different; therefore our needs as individuals are very different and ever changing.

There are healthy “rules” that hold true for general populations, but each person should take those rules and make sure they are truly suited for them. Listen, apply, and then throw out; this is a constant in optimal health.

It’s like answering the question “is juicing good for you”? Depending on about a million different conditions, the answer may be yes or no. For example, juicing for someone with diabetes is going to be very different for someone without. Keep in mind that the “rules” followed to an extreme, or on the other hand used as an excuse of avoidance, is what a lot of people do as a result of pressure or stress.

Not wanting to, or “being able to”, take control or responsibility for your life or health, is a cop out. There is fear in looking inward and being honest with your own true voice and common sense, and this has left people powerless.

The healthiest thing you can do is to take back your power.

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