Tips from ‘The Blenders’ to keep your voice and throat healthy and strong.

Here are some tips from The Blenders, a vocal group famous for their must-have holiday albums. We asked them to share some of the healthy things they do to keep their voices sounding so amazing together. These are good tips for everyone to keep in mind for when you have to do a lot of talking/presentations, if you have a sore or scratchy throat, or maybe you are a singer yourself.

Warm saltwater gargle, pink Himalayan or Real Salt whenever possible

Steam shower or personal steamer (and do a gentle vocal warm-up)

Bite down on your tongue gently to increase saliva production

Drink a lot of water! Dehydration is the enemy of the vocal chords

Eliminate/greatly reduce caffeine consumption

No alcohol consumption while on tour

Apple cider vinegar and raw honey gargle and slow swallow

Throat Coat Tea – by Traditional Medicinals

Olbas Pastilles Lozenges

Eliminate/Cut down on dairy consumption

No eating too close to show time

Take probiotics to keep the gut healthy, getting the stomach flu can mess with the throat if your symptoms express in that direction

Throat Sprays like Singer’s Saving Grace or Colloidal Silver can come in handy when a little extra support is needed.

One Response to Tips from ‘The Blenders’ to keep your voice and throat healthy and strong.

  1. Kelly Rodenberg says:

    Our Christmas would just not be complete without you guys! Your Mp,s show has become a tradition we just can’t shake. Over the years we have brought countless church friends with us – And your vocal blessings are inevitably brought up time and time again throughout the year. Your spurt and gift of song are definately a gift that keeps on giving!

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