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tight junctions

The brain-gut connection is no longer folklore. The gut is a viable second brain that links digestion, mood, health, and thought processes. Discover a revolutionary new understanding of tight junctions, the connection between two adjacent cells that are so close the space is almost non-existent. These junctions are how cells communicate and can be the biggest connections or disconnections of the mind-body/brain-gut relationship.

Get to know your ‘Tight Junctions’

Glyphosate (Roundup) is basically an antibiotic for plants. It inhibits an enzyme in the plants that produces amino acids (the good proteins that are essential to our health – why we eat plants). Not only that, but glyphosate destroys the tight junctions between the cells in our body that are essential for maintaining a line of defense for invading substances. The loss of communication between these cells and bacteria create the phenomena of leaky gut syndrome making us very susceptible to chronic inflammation and cancer development.

We are ABSOLUTELY what we eat

Eating, buying, and supporting organic and non-GMO are your first line of defense to protect and regain your health. But even if you eat and live a clean, non-GMO, gluten free organic lifestyle, you are still susceptible to air, water, and food contaminated with herbicides used worldwide since the 1970’s. Herbicides can damage tight junctions. These Velcro-like proteins allow the body to absorb the nutrients it needs, and block the toxins it doesn’t. In addition, biotech environmental factors are constant, leading to chronic inflammation that can cause heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity, arthritis, and diabetes.

An antidote to modern agriculture

Restore is a formula that maintains, or better yet, restores the tight junctions that prevent leaky gut and chronic inflammation. This is the first supplement of its kind to restore essential communication between the bacteria and the cells. Diseased cells are cells that can’t get all of the necessary information they need to stay healthy. Increasing tight junctions promotes a healthy internal firewall, supporting not only gut health but respiratory wellness, balanced immunity, and enhanced mental clarity.

Dr. Zach Bush and his team of scientists and clinicians discovered that ancient ecosystems in pristine soils contain a communication network of carbon-based redox molecules that serve as an antidote to modern agriculture processes. The result is a supplement that contains soil extracts packed with electrons.

Find out the other ways that Dr. Zach Bush is revolutionizing health care with his Green Health Revolution.

Photo credit and further explanation: www.restore4life.com

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