Think Prevention with this Smoothie Recipe

think prevention

We have posted very similar smoothie recipes to this one in the past, but it is worth repeating since this month we are talking a lot about antioxidants, and focusing on things you can do daily that equal cancer prevention, instead of focusing on just the search for the cure.

Think Prevention

We are NOT saying this smoothie will guarantee that you won’t get cancer, or that if you have cancer it will cure it. But we like to stack the odds in our favor, and one way to do that is by consuming smoothies on a regular basis that contain high nutrient density and tons of antioxidants! This is a great example.

1 container BioK+ Probiotic
1-2 oz Sea Buckthorn Puree
1/3 frozen Organic Banana
1/4 c frozen Organic Blueberries
1 tbsp Raw Organic Honey
1-2 servings Organic Wheat Grass Powder
1 serving Pure Green Protein
1 serving Rainbow Vibrance
6 oz Organic Almond Milk

Combine ingredients using a Blender or Vitamix, and drink to good health!

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