The top 3 things that will destroy or diminish the effectiveness of probiotic supplements.


Probiotics have been the talk of the town over the last couple of years, and for good reason. They are awesome for supporting immune and digestive health, along with many other benefits. The problem is that probiotics are, by nature, extremely delicate. Therefore, it is important when purchasing a probiotic supplement to find out if your brand protects against these 3 destroyers:

Probiotic enemies

1. Moisture deals the most devastating blow to survival of supplemental probiotics. If the environmental moisture can be kept at 5% moisture or lower, survival is maximized. The desiccant packet is added to many supplement bottles, including probiotics, to prevent moisture from accumulating.

2. Oxygen is the next most dangerous factor threatening survival of probiotics. It has been found that a tiny fraction of vitamin C as ascorbic acid added to powdered probiotics, tremendously extends their lifespan. Another step that a company can take to preserve the potency is to reduce the probiotic’s exposure to oxygen by inserting an oxygen-absorbing packet into each container. A concave inner seal of the jar, or in a bottle that sometimes can appear dented, will evidence the presence of this packet. This is due to the oxygen absorber’s power to reduce air pressure inside the jar as it removed oxygen. So even though the container looks damaged, what is inside is actually being protected!

3. Heat is another killer of probiotics. Probiotics that are shipped and stored under refrigeration is a bonus. Companies that specialize in probiotics have genetically selected the specific strains that are best used by our bodies, as well as their superior stability against heat, stomach acid and bile.

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