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We are excited to introduce Karmalades with our next product giveaway: Lemon Ginger Hand Sanitizer

Thank you and congratulations to winners Roger, Cindy, and Timm (comments posted below). Supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs is what it is all about. This month we are giving away 3 bottles of Lemon Ginger Hand Sanitizer from Karmalades. The ingredients are pure and simple: Love, grain alcohol 60%, witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, lemon and ginger essential oils. It comes in a two-ounce glass bottle.



Book Giveaway, Yay! Togetherness – Creating and Deepening Sustainable Love

Congratulations to our 3 winners! Alexis Bellovich, Lauren Sherrell, and Marina Mc Queen. Please allow 2-4weeks for delivery. Hope you all enjoy!

I was recently introduced to author Cyndi Dale (Intuitive Counsler) and was able to get my hands on most of her book collection. Her most recent book Togetherness – Creating and Deepening Sustainable Love, co authored by Andrew Wald (Psychotherapist) has been the book that I pick up lately just before bed.



More support for you in the name of a giveaway from Taos Footwear! Enter today!

So excited that we have a winner! Congratulations Rebecca Osburn! She wins a pair of Taos Footwear “Expression” shoes in “tobacco”!

When I first saw them my first impression was maybe they were sent straight form the set of Les Miserables, I wasn’t sure how cute they were until I put them on. Once you have them on you can see the possibilities – with skirts, with knee-high socks, barefoot, with pants or jeans. The true test was the first time I wore them (with jeans) to lunch with my style savvy girlfriend, after giving her a hug the first thing she said was “I love your shoes”.

They do take a couple times to “break in”, I love that there is a heel giving me a boost, just take note that the heel can be just a tad slippery on polished concrete. They seem to be true to size, and I can tell they should keep getting even more comfortable the more I wear them. They are very cushy and feel supportive.

If you want a pair, leave us your entry at the bottom of this post by letting us know how or for what occasions you see yourself wearing them.

Good luck! And if you are on Twitter, shoot us a tweet to let us know you have entered!

Want more info on Taos Footwear? Find them on Facebook too.