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Book review: Fortify Your Life

Fortify Your Life

I was happy to read and review Fortify Your Life by Tieraona Low Dog, M.D., as she has been on my radar for a number of years. My personal doctor has referenced continuing education pieces that she has taken advantage of written by Dr. Low Dog for medical doctors.


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Book review: Anatomy of Addiction

Anatomy of Addiction

Thank you Kelly for your comment below! Congratulations, enjoy your copy, and thank you for the good work that you must do!

Anatomy of Addiction was a title that grabbed me. I think we have all been touched by addiction in one way or another. Addiction may have affected close friends or family members battling alcohol or drug dependency, or you may live in communities where prescription drug abuse is prevalent or on the rise. Maybe your city, county, or state is one of the unfortunate locations known for increased heroin, meth, or other illegal drug abuse and fatalities.


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Book review: 12 Simple Steps to Loving Life

12 Simple Steps to Loving Life

I am a sucker for “self-help” books. I started reading books in that category at about 18 years old, around the same time my interest in alternative healing modalities also emerged. I learned quickly that wellness – mind, body, spirit, was a total package. Authors like Dan Millman, James Redfield, M. Scott Peck, Thomas Moore, and Shakti Gawain, were the books I was reading while most of my peers had their heads buried in college textbooks.



Outer Spice Giveaway

Outer Spice

Congratulations Kindra! The winner of this giveaway! I love cooking and experimenting with new recipes! I was very excited to try the new spice blends from Outer Spice. First, I started substituting my usual spices with the Outer Spice blends into meals that I have cooked for my family in the past. I used them in spaghetti sauce, as a seasoning for chicken, and in egg sandwiches. Everyone loved how the spices subtly changed the flavor of each meal, especially in the egg sandwiches. My fiancé specifically said that his egg sandwiches tasted “much better” with the new seasonings.



Fit Bottle Giveaway

Fit Bottle

We are excited to announce TWO winners! Rust and Jill both left comments regarding significant outdoor plans, and Fit Bottles are the perfect companions for hiking and camping! Thank you to all that entered!

What if you could safely drink the water anywhere in the world, and you had the power to do that in the palm of your hand? That would be awesome, right? Now you can! We are excited to introduce you to Fit Bottle. Enter to win one in the comments section at the bottom of this post!



Giveaway: Coyuchi and Zabada

Congratulations to the winner of this awesome giveaway – Dawn K! We know you will love these!  A sincere thank you to all that entered!

I was really excited to review the Coyuchi bathroom towels and Zabada bathroom cleaning products. I’m always looking for high quality towels, especially those that are organic. Cleaning without chemicals is so important for our health and environment.



Nourish With Style Reviews and Giveaway

Congratulations to Lisa and Kristen the winners of this Nourish With Style Giveaway! Thanks to all of you that participated!

Our friend Charli shared a green smoothie for kids recipe with us and happened to mention Nourish With Style reusable food pouches in her post. We reached out to Nourish With Style to let them know we mentioned them, and after chatting a for bit, it became obvious we should do a review and giveaway with them. Charli chimes in first, as she has had ongoing experience with them, and then Michelle shares her views and a recipe too!



reCap Giveaway. Your mason jar solution!

Congratulations Sarah and Taryn, the lucky winners of this reCap giveaway! A big thank you to all that entered!

I have always been a mason jar fan. They are versatile and can be used for wet and dry goods storage, drinks, smoothies, and of course canning. The wide mouth openings of all sizes of mason jars make them easy to fill and use. Additionally, they are a healthy and environmentally safe option for storage and consuming liquids.



Mountain Valley Spring Water Giveaway

Congratulations to our winners Jake, Cortney, and Darla! You will be receiving some Mountain Valley Spring water varieties to try for yourselves! 

My Water Wellness Journey:

I’ve been an athlete and involved in fitness my whole life, therefore understanding the importance of hydration has always been a priority. The problem is, most of the advice I received on the topic was usually, “drink lots of water”, and ended at that.

As I started to pay more attention to the sources of water available, I became increasingly aware of the questionable quality of our tap water in almost every city, state, and county, across the country. The debate about the levels of chemicals, and presence of prescription drugs found in our drinking water, is a constant one.

Bottled water seems like the logical solution.

My passion for health and fitness broadened at an early age, soaking in everything I could about alternative medicine and healing therapies. It was not long before I discovered information on the science of PH balance, and how it relates to health.

More research:

How do we combat the “acidic lifestyle” of modern times besides eating a healthy diet? The health food industry answered this question by creating the new phenomenon of “alkaline” water. This is water that has been manipulated to a higher PH than our blood’s slightly alkaline PH of 7.35-7.45. Sometimes formulated to a PH of 9.8 or higher, consuming alkaline water seems like a perfect solution.

But should you really be consuming that extreme alkalinity on a regular basis?

As I continued my research on this topic, I found that “living” water naturally contains an alkaline PH, and is full of life in the form of ionized minerals. I also learned that REAL living water does not come from a machine; it comes from springs (aquifers) far below the earth’s surface.

Seems easy enough, right? Every grocery store has “spring” water. The problem is that not all spring waters are the same. In fact, many spring waters may not even come from a natural spring, and those that do undergo processing which causes the natural PH to become more acidic, and also takes out the inherent living vitality that is so beneficial to our health.

The one thing that almost all water that you purchase has in common is that it is sold in plastic bottles. You can read our blog post on the issues related to plastic water bottles here.

My Goal:

Find REAL spring water. You can Google spring water and find maps in every state of the US where you can bathe, drink, and bottle spring water at little to no charge. But most of us living our busy, modern, fast-paced, urban lifestyles, can’t or won’t take the time to do this.

Solution: Mountain Valley Spring Water. Why?

  • Water from a deep aquifer in the earth – REAL spring water
  • Pure (you can find up to date water analysis on their website)
  • Naturally higher in PH 7.8 (find the full mineral breakdown on their website)
  • Very little processing, the integrity of the water is maintained. The addition of ozone during bottling ensures purity.
  • Glass bottles
  • Tastes great

All of these things are so important to me and my family, that we have the 5 gallon glass bottles delivered to our home. We use the water for drinking and some cooking.

We had the chance to do a little sampling of the sparkling varieties at a recent dinner party. They were a hit! Mountain Valley Spring Water would like to give you a chance to try their water! Just leave a comment below telling us why you would like to try them. Winners will be chosen and sent a sampling of the varieties that Mountain Valley Spring Water has to offer!


Giveaway: Holiday Music by The Blenders. Your collection is not complete until you own these.

Christmas Light Christmas Collection

Congratulations Erin M., Cynthia R., and Alisha T. Yep 3 winners were chosen instead of 2. Hurray! Thank you to all that entered! Merry Christmas and a Happy Heathy New Year to everyone!

We are back with a year-end Giveaway! This one is perfect for feeling great right through the end of the Holiday Season. Studies have shown time and time again that music can help heal, energize, boost immunity, and lift spirits. The positive effects of music can be just what you need to give you a boost and keep you going during stressful or busy times.



Giveaway: The Six Seed Super Blend by Eat Seed. Get a diverse profile of Omegas, Fiber, and Protein

We are excited to announce our winners of this giveaway! Congratulations Claire and BriAnna!

The Six Seed Super Blend by Eat Seed is a ground-up blend of the following seeds: Organic Flax Seeds, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Hemp Seeds, Organic Chia Seeds. Need we say more? Well, we will anyway.



Giveaway: The Intuition Guidebook – How to Safely and Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense by Cyndi Dale

Congratulations Dan, Gilliane, and Marie! Our 3 winners of The Intuition Guidebook! Many thanks to all of you that entered!

If you are interested in Intuition, your Sixth Sense, Chakras, or wonder what your level of Psychic ability is (you get to take a quiz), this book is for you. Although easy to read, it is not “fluff” material, so I think you need a genuine interest in all of the above to get the benefit of this book.



Giveaway: Adrenal Support Essential Oil Blend by Essential 3. For circulation, vitality, and stress relief.

Congratulations Dawn A, Karen K, and Magdalena J, the 3 winners of this Giveaway! Remember everyone can get an ongoing 20% off on your Essential 3 order by using code SW2013 at checkout on the Essential 3 site.

Our blog, Society Wellness, is full of info directly and indirectly related to the health of our adrenal glands. Today’s modern lifestyle is a direct hit to these precious glands, and if they can’t keep up, you may find yourself in a health slump that takes a while to recover from.



Giveaway: Lemon Meringue Scrubbing Souffle by Karmalades…Cleaners with a Conscience

Congratulations Emily and Kindra! You two are the lucky winners! We have had a great time doing giveaways with Karmalades…Cleaners with a Conscience! We have one more for you check out. This is the Lemon Meringue Scrubbing Soufflé. I handed this one off to my friend who owns a residential home green cleaning business to really put it to the test. Here is what she had to say.



Giveaway: Karmalades Lavender Room Refresher. Another multi-tasker: linen spray and sanitizer too.

Congratulations to Liberty and Rachel, the lucky winners of this giveaway! Most people love the smell of lavender! Karmalades does it again, and makes a simple clean pure product that although is labeled Room Refresher, it is a multi tasker! This spray will deodorize the air, leaving behind a light lingering scent of lavender. You can also use this lovely spray to refresh your linens.