Stem Cell Technology, Part Two. Umbilical Cord Blood

Umbilical Cord Blood

Now that you are starting to grasp how stem cell technology is evolving from reading part one of this post, let’s take a look at where we are at today. What are the latest products to ask your doctor about when the subject of stem cells as a treatment for injuries or health issues enters the conversation? Umbilical Cord Blood! 

We were recently introduced to a company that has perfected the process of harvesting, processing, purifying, and delivering ready to use stem cells from umbilical cord blood quickly and efficiently to the doctor or surgeon. There is A LOT that has to be achieved to produce a viable, clean product.

Many questions surround the idea of this. There are very easy to understand, common sense answers that explain this process.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells, specifically mesenchyme cells, are cells that don’t know what they are going to be. They are unspecified and can renew themselves, becoming new tissue when they meet up with existing tissue.

How do they get umbilical cords?

The very first and most important thing to keep in mind is this: During childbirth amniotic fluid, the placenta and umbilical cord are generally discarded as waste.

Most mothers know this to be true. In today’s western culture and society, it is even more likely that the mother is given a few choices about what to do with these substances:

Discard as waste

For those who decide to donate, it is just that – a donation. You can think of it much the same way as donating blood. You give to further science and help people in need.

This post is focusing on umbilical cord blood. Although the entire umbilical cord is collected, the blood is the part that will be utilized because it is filled with stem cells that can be put to future use. The cord blood also contains a much lower concentration of cellular debris (dead tissue) and red blood cells where markers for blood type and other factors are found. If these things were not removed, it would make it incompatible for just anyone to use.

Detailed coordination and testing.

When a mother has chosen or is medically required to have a scheduled c-section, when offered the choice of what to do with her umbilical cord, if she chooses to donate, then she can donate directly to a company called Burst Biologics. From that point the mother, umbilical cord, and baby receive extensive genetic testing at no charge to them. The mother receives all of the information gathered from the additional genetic testing, and the entire process is coordinated with the hospital as standard procedure. Nothing is happening “behind closed doors”.

If tests are clear of any potential health issues or concerns, including the absence of bacteria that could develop in transport, the processing and preservation continues. This is done without any harmful agents or toxic chemicals (this is not the norm in the current amniotic or UCB stem cell product industry).

The final product is cryo-preserved, and is easily thawed at your doctor’s office. The biggest challenge Burst Biologics has been able to overcome is what most companies have not been able to figure out – how to keep such a large number of stem cells that are present from the harvested umbilical cord blood viable during the freeze/thaw process.

This is the key to patient success! Brand new live stem cells available to be put in your body, without having to take out anything from your own body! Amniotic injectables are NOT alive.

Is it really safe to use?

Did you know that a baby doesn’t have an immune system until after it leaves the womb, and that it is developed in the first two months of life outside of the mother! This also makes it possible for these stem cells to be injected into a complete stranger with no adverse effects or rejection. These happy little cells just want to be like all of the other cells around them, so whatever you inject them into they will become.

Stem cells are safe to use. The two things that make them unsafe are:

  1. If chemicals are added to fill or preserve a stem cell product. The consumer could have an allergic/adverse reaction ranging from a rash to severely damaged tissue.
  2. If the practitioner doesn’t know what they are doing or is “experimenting” with techniques. Always ask your practitioner that is offering stem cell therapies – where are you getting your product and where did you learn this “technique”.

How is it administered?


The most common method is injection. Until now, this has been a fairly complicated process to achieve desired results. (Refer back to part one). While your doctor may just be “perfecting” their stem cell routine, they are quite likely using already outdated technology. This is what you need to know. An injectable IS currently available that is showing an extremely high success rate, over 70% of the time with just one injection! Orthopedic doctors, podiatrists, periodontists, and dermatologists, are most likely to embrace this technology.


Using stem cells via I.V. has the potential of all kinds of healing internally, especially for lung conditions since that is where many of the stem cells would “land” during I.V. treatment. Your doctor’s level of expertise on I.V. therapies will most likely indicate how soon they embrace this technology. Many different kinds of I.V. therapies are offered by Integrative MD’s (ACIM or ICIM) or Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine.


Some surgeons are already using amniotic products. Soon many surgeons will see the value of adding umbilical cord blood stem cells to their surgical tool kit as well!

If your doctor wants information, tell them to contact


Remember we here at Society Wellness are not medical doctors, this is information for you to bring to your qualified healthcare practitioner.

The links in this post are for informational purposes only. The links provided to Integrative Doctors and DO’s does not imply I.V. therapies of any kind will be found at their hospitals or clinics.

Burst Biologics does not direct the physician on how to use their products. Their only job is to guarantee that a safe and clean product is delivered to your doctor.

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