Staying hydrated may prevent poor immunity, fatigue, headaches, dry skin, and back pain.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, water helps your body get rid of waste materials through bowel movements, sweat and urine. If your body can’t excrete waste products you would eventually be poisoned by them, resulting in death. Staying hydrated will help support immune health, pain prevention, weight loss, and so much more.

Immune Health

Staying hydrated improves your ability to fight illnesses since water is part of lymph fluid, an important part of your immune system. You’re also less likely to feel day-to-day malaise if you’re hydrated since being dehydrated can cause symptoms such as headaches, muscle weakness, fatigue and dizziness.

Pain Prevention

Dehydration can lead to back pain, problems with math and short-term memory, difficulty focusing your eyes, kidney stones, bladder infections, dry skin, and constipation. It is also the number 1 trigger of daytime fatigue. Drinking enough water may also reduce your chances of getting colon, breast, and kidney cancer.

Weight Loss

Drinking water and eating high water content foods on a regular basis can help you maintain a healthier weight or even lose weight. Drinking water instead of soda can quench your thirst without adding calories or chemicals to your diet, and may suppress or distract your appetite if you drink it when you experience food cravings. Sodas, diet sodas, and highly processed beverages have the opposite effect. Water is also essential for weight loss because your body needs to flush out the byproducts of the fat it’s breaking down.

How to remember to drink water:

1. Start and end your day with a glass of water.

2. Keep a bottle of water with you during the day. Consider carrying a reusable water bottle rather than purchasing bottled water. Bottled water is expensive and creates plastic bottle waste. Spend a little money on a purified water source for your home and take it with you, or look into a portable self-filtering water bottle like FitBottle. Both will save you money in the long-run.

3. When you’re feeling hungry, drink water. The sensation of thirst is often confused with hunger. True hunger will not be satisfied by drinking water. Drinking water may also contribute to a healthy weight loss plan.

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