Stay hydrated, stay efficient

A hydrated mind

Many people are so used to being dehydrated, that they no longer recognize the normal signal of thirst. Any loss of water equaling 2-3% of our body weight will begin to affect performance adversely.

Water is required for everything from regulating blood pressure and body temperature to making sure your heart works correctly and that your brain is capable of doing its daily tasks. Loss of 4-5% of body weight in water results in reduced carrying capacity of the blood for nutrients (to the brain), as well as reduced ability to remove heat from the body. If you don’t stay hydrated you will be more susceptible to “brain fog”.

A hydrated body

The human body is full of water, your muscles and your brain are about 75% water, your blood is about 82% water, your skin is made up of about 70% water, and your bones are about 25% water.

In addition to helping your body maintain a stable temperature, staying hydrated — ideally by drinking water every 15 minutes or so during sporting events — helps keep your muscles strong and active. Water helps your body transport oxygen to your muscles, which means they are also more efficient during physical labor.

If your body is not hydrated, it doesn’t work efficiently. Even mild dehydration will slow down one’s metabolism as much as 3%. Slower metabolism means more fat stored and less used as fuel for your body.

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