Soda Sabotage: weight gain, inflammation, acidity, cavities, osteoporosis, diabetes

Stop drinking soda, and let’s just go ahead and put “sports drinks” and anything “light” or “diet” on this list too.
 These drinks will sabotage your health and vitality, and your ability to maintain your weight in the long run. 
Yes this means “diet” soda – ESPECIALLY diet soda. Diet sodas and drinks are full of weird chemicals. Stop for a second and think about that!

The bottom line.

Beverages should hydrate, nourish, and repair. They should flush OUT toxins and DIS-courage inflammation, but unfortunately sodas have the opposite effect.

Regular soda is liquid candy. I think that says it all. There is no doubt consumption is linked to cavities, diabetes, osteoporosis, acidity, weight gain and more.

Diet soda also has a long list of negatives, information that is not hard to find. Their ingredients are linked with nerve damage, issues with brain health, inflammation, diabetes, and weight gain!

What is left to drink?

  • Water – sparkling or still
  • Spa Water” – water with slices of fruit added
  • Homemade: iced and hot tea, lemonade, fresh fruit and veggie juice.

Note: there are healthy water additives you can buy, but these generally need to be purchased in a health food market to ensure quality ingredients. Always read the labels first!

My favorite drink at the bar is “rum and diet”.

What do I do?

Find a “new” favorite. There are plenty of choices these days. Try a drink like a Mojito: rum, sparkling water, organic cane sugar, and fresh organic mint. Or a Grapefruit Basil or Sage Martini: fresh squeezed organic grapefruit juice, vodka, fresh basil or sage herb.

Help! I’m addicted to diet soda.

Any advice on eliminating it from my diet?

  • Try cold turkey, pick an alternative and stick to it.


  • Start by switching from diet to regular first. In my opinion, that is the lesser of two evils. Sugar, although not good for you, is a substance that your body deals with on a daily basis, as it is part of almost all foods we eat. The body knows how to get some use out of it and eliminate it properly, even if there is no nutritional value.

Diet sodas have chemicals that are completely foreign to our body, so a lot more work is required for the body to essentially detox these from our systems. Choose regular sodas instead, then slowly eliminate them by limiting the consumption to “special occasions”. Eventually, you will find alternatives for those special occasions, and may also find that regular soda becomes much too sweet for your palate.

No matter how you do it, drink lots of water during this transition. Your cells have been addicted to the chemicals, and possibly caffeine too. Water will help flush those out and reduce temporary side effects like headaches. Note: I am not making a blanket statement that caffeine is bad or has to be eliminated completely. A cup of coffee or tea with caffeine is fine, especially in place of soda and diet soda.

Let us know if you gave up soda and how you did it in the comments below.


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