Smoothie Recipe: The Healthy Version of a McDonald’s Strawberry Shake

Strawberry Shake

I’m not sure what a McDonald’s Strawberry Shake tastes like today, or even if they still sell them. I honestly have not stepped foot into a McDonald’s in about 20 years, other than to maybe use the restroom on a long road trip. However, strawberry milkshakes from McDonald’s were something I loved as a kid.

I did not set out to recreate it, but when I took the first sip of this “smoothie”, childhood memories came rushing back to my McDonald’s days of having strawberry shakes and fries. It tasted just like I remembered!

This is not a unique recipe. I’m sure many people have made almost this same combo, but if you have not, you should try it. This smoothie is unlike many of my other ones that contain so many super foods, the flavor and texture can be, let’s say – complex. 🙂 Whether you are new to making smoothies or need a truly kid-friendly healthy shake. This is a great one.

1 Organic Frozen Banana
3/4-1 c Organic Frozen Strawberries
10 oz Vanilla Almond Milk
1 serving Vanilla Whey Protein (make sure to use an extremely high quality brand)

Using frozen fruit and whey protein are the keys to getting the consistency of a real strawberry shake.

Blend or Vitamix it until smooth.Strawberry Shake

Let us know when you make this, and if you agree with our McDonald’s comparison. Cheers!

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