Smoothie Recipe: Good Morning Blueberry Tonic Smoothie

Blueberry Tonic Smoothie

Want a great way to start the day? This is a good example of ingredients that mix well, and the overall finished product has more of a  liquid or “tonic” consistency, rather than the typical thicker “smoothie” consistency. For those of you who are not early morning eaters, but want to get a lot of nutrition in something easy to swallow, leave out ingredients like banana, nut butters, fibers, ice, and thicker proteins.

½ c Frozen Wild Blueberries
3 oz Sea Buckthorn Puree
2 servings Resveratrol Tonic
2 servings Algae Omega
10 oz Almond Milk
2 servings Wholganic Greens
2 servings Organic Wheatgrass Powder
1 serving Chocolate Pure Green Protein (Plant Based)
1 serving Organic Vanilla Whey Protein
2 servings Camu Camu Powder

Combine all ingredients in Blender or Vitamix, and have a great morning!

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