Smoothie Recipe: Berries and Greens and good for your Belly

Berries and Greens

This berries and greens smoothie has a thin consistency, which is a nice change of pace. I added the honey because all of the ingredients were “unsweetened”. If you are trying to reduce sugar consumption, just eliminate the honey. When it comes to getting family members, picky eaters, or newbies to smoothie making, to drink concoctions like this, adding raw honey or dates can help ensure it will be consumed!

Berries and Greens Smoothie Ingredients

1/4 c frozen Organic Blueberries
1/3 – 1/2 c frozen Organic Strawberries
12 oz Almond Milk
1 container of BioK+ Probiotic
2 tbsp Raw Organic Honey
2 servings Organic Wheat Grass Powder
2 servings Plant Based Protein

Combine all ingredients together in a Blender or Vitamix. Pour and enjoy!

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