Smoothie Recipe: A meal replacement, in this case – Dinner

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you just don’t feel like eating dinner. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe you are slightly under the weather, maybe you are tired and not inspired to cook. Nothing really sounds good to you, but you know you need to eat something otherwise by the time you go to bed you will be hungry, and you don’t want to eat late at night.

Here is an example of a smoothie you could make that really gives you a nice balance of nutrients – a “meal replacement”. It could stand some added dark berry nutrition, and some more greens, but the Proventive Whey Protein has some added nutrients, and Chia Seeds do offer some chlorophyll. Whey protein at night is great as your body starts to wind down, relax, and repair. The healthy fats from the Chia Seeds and Coconut Oil plus the fiber from the Chia Seeds, both balanced with the protein, will help keep you from getting hungry later.

What I love most about a smoothie is the ability to get such high nutrient density, many times much higher than would even be possible with a normal healthy meal.

1 Organic Frozen Banana
8 oz Almond Milk
1 Serving Chocolate Whey Protein
1/8-1/4 cup Organic Chia Seeds
1 full serving (3.5oz) Strawberry Bio K Plus
1 tbsp Organic Coconut Oil

Combine in Blender or Vitamix

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