Skin Soothing Sea Buckthorn Colada Smoothie. Food as Medicine.

Skin Soothing Smoothie

One of the reasons we love the natural foods industry is because of the accessibility to such an amazing amount of foods, herbs and spices in their purest forms. For those of you in the health and wellness industry, you know this Hippocrates sentence well – Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Let Medicine Be Thy Food.

Hippocrates famous phrase in use.

A friend contacted me about a close call, where she and a couple of friends suffered pretty severe burns. She asked me what would be a good smoothie recipe to support her skin healing from this accident. I sent her a message back and rattled a list of ingredients that would be beneficial because of their known healing qualities, especially supporting skin health. I told her I would post a specific recipe that she and her friends could use as a guideline, and here it is, I made it today.

This would be a great recipe for healing, soothing, collagen production, cooling inflammation, and supporting the immunity of damaged tissue. It has tons of antioxidants and a broad range of extremely healthy fats that the skin just loves.

Skin Soothing Colada

1 Organic Frozen Banana
1/8-1/4 cup Frozen Pineapple (organic whenever possible)
3 oz Sea Buckthorn Puree (Sibu is our favorite brand)
1 tbsp Raw Organic Unfiltered Honey
2 oz Coconut Water or Coconut Milk
1 tbsp Raw Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil
1 serving Green Superfood Powder
1-2 servings Organic Ginger Fresh or Extract
1 serving Whey Protein
1 serving liquid Omega-3 Fish Oil
1 serving liquid Borage oil or Evening Primrose oil
3 oz Aloe (Active Aloe)

Combine all ingredients with a Blender or Vitamix and enjoy!

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