Shopping for more energy? What to look for when in the market for a good B Complex Supplement.

Are you in the market for a good B Complex supplement? Finally making the commitment to go get one? Or maybe you just happen to see a bottle on a store shelf or a website. Take a moment to make sure it meets the following criteria (or close to it), to increase the chances you will be getting the best bang for your buck. You want energy right? Let’s go get it!

B Complex Buying Guidelines

Look for the words “Co-Enzymated” or “Co-Enzymes” on the bottle. These are the forms of each of the individual B vitamin family members that are broken down into the forms your body needs them to be in to be absorbed.

Look for the Methylcobalamin form of B12 instead of Cynocobalamin. Again, this is the preferred absorbable form.

In general, go for capsules vs. tablets and make sure it includes the family members – Choline, Inositol, and Biotin

As always, little, to preferably NO binders or fillers should be found in the “other ingredients” section at the bottom of the facts panel.

An added bonus would be a formula that includes foods and herbs.

In a B Complex formula, each individual B potency is usually in varied amounts that have been shown to synergistically work together. However, you may run across some that have an almost equal potency of each single B in the formula. Either way, if you hit most of the criteria above, don’t get hung up on which potency is better. Remember, for the most part B vitamins are water-soluble anyway, so your body takes up what it needs and you pee away the rest.

Why people don’t like B Complex Formulas

If you see that the directions say you can take the B Complex with OR without food, that is a good sign they are going to have hit the above criteria, and will be gentle on your stomach. Most people who have found B vitamins to “disagree with them”, is because they were consuming a product that was hard for that individual to break down.

High potency and highly synthesized B Complex formulas lacking in our above criteria, typically have a very potent vitamin odor which can be off-putting.

Most people can feel the good energy from the role that B vitamins play in the body, especially when they run out or forget to take them for a few days. If you are not feeling any positive changes, or feel “yucky” when you take them, you need to try a different brand.

Go find a good B Complex and give it another chance!

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