Shoot up your B12, or Swallow it? Everyone likes to talk about B12 shots, what do we really know?

Everyone is talking about the benefits of B12 shots. These shots are the most accepted treatment among doctors for people showing symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. The problem with this is, a lot of people get stuck with these shots for the wrong reasons, for example – vitamin B12 for weight loss.

The primary roles of B12

Vitamin B12 is involved in the formation of blood cells, grows tissues, creates myelin around your nerve cells, helps reduce homocysteine levels, and plays a part in DNA replication. All of this effectively increases your metabolism. While raising your metabolism does help with losing fat, the amount you would need to notice a change in your body could result in an overdose in vitamin B12, and an under-dose of your other B vitamins, creating a long-term imbalance.

B12 shots, are they really for you?

Most people will not notice the effects of B12 shots unless they have a significant deficiency. B12 shots are generally prescribed to people that have problems absorbing this vitamin, which is usually caused by a protein in the stomach called Intrinsic Factor. The Mayo Clinic suggests there is no evidence to support B12 injections for weight loss. Weight loss shouldn’t even be considered when talking about the benefits of B12 shots.

While there is a time and a place for B12 injections, side effects can occur. Skin redness, problems swallowing, difficulties breathing, mild diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, tingles, and pain in the area of injection are the most common side effects.

Taking vitamin B12 injections for weight loss purposes is mostly a marketing concept. You can get the exact benefits from other less-radical sources, like food, or sub-lingual tablets. More than anything, B12 simply increases the chance that people will do some exercise and lose some calories, because they are usually “sold” as part of a weight loss program. Don’t let this confuse you, we LOVE B12, actually, we have mad passion for all of the B’s, but wouldn’t you rather eat, suck on, or swallow B12 instead of injecting it?

Considering all this, you should have a fairly strong idea of what’s going on in this “industry”. B12 vitamin deficiency symptoms are not to be overlooked, but can be easily treated unless a person is in the late stages of deficiency. Use B12 shots if you have no other choice, or in other words, only if you have problems absorbing this vitamin to your bloodstream. Be a smart consumer, and save your money for some new running shoes!

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