Rhodiola – support during acute or chronic stress, promoting physical & mental energy & stamina

It can be a challenge to continually look at the bright side of things in times of constant stress no matter how hard we try. We think we are doing ok, and realize much later that the physical, mental, and emotional stress has taken a toll on our health. Adaptogens are nature’s answer for dealing with stress. One of the most loved is Rhodiola. Check out all of the reasons why you could probably use some Rhodiola in your life right now.


  • Adaptogenic – increases resistance to all types of stress
  • Promotes physical & mental energy & stamina
  • Anti-fatigue agent
  • Anti-hypoxic (protects against oxygen deprivation)
  • Antioxidant, anti-mutagenic
  • Sexual stimulant; fertility enhancing
  • Fights mental fatigue
  • Enhances attention span, memory, & work productivity
  • Enhances cognitive functions (thinking, analyzing, planning, evaluating, calculating)


  • Adaptogenic support during acute or chronic stress
  • Mental fatigue, memory loss, poor mental functions
  • Low physical energy
  • Infertility, especially in women with irregular ovulation
  • Support optimal oxygen in low oxygen environments or low lung function; prevent altitude sickness
  • Insufficient thyroid and adrenal gland function
  • Enhance tolerance to cold temperatures

CAUTIONS: Rarely in some individuals with manic conditions, Rhodiola may exacerbate the condition. Get expert advice in these cases before taking Rhodiola.

Educational information from Julie Plunkett
Photo by succulent-plant.com

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