Remove temptations that sabotage healthy eating. Get rid of the junk food around you.

What does it look like inside of your kitchen cupboards? How about your fridge, freezer, and pantry? Do you have a “candy drawer”? Do you keep a bowl of M&M’s on your desk? 
Is what you have in your cupboards sabotaging your work towards a healthier life? The first step you must do is remove temptations.

Remove temptations

What are your reasons for keeping unhealthy foods around you? Are you using the kids, husband, relatives, co-workers, or friends, as an excuse to keep these foods around you? If so, you are not only making it hard on yourself to have “will power”, but also doing a disservice to the most important people around you. One of the best things you can do for yourself, and others, is to remove temptations by keeping the unhealthy choices away from everyone, and inspire others to make healthy changes too.

Tips for healthy snacking

Keep veggies washed and cut and ready to grab at any time. If possible, buy the whole food and prepare it yourself. If you buy pre-cut and packaged produce, you will pay more and run the risk of ingesting some hidden preservative that has been added to keep the product “fresh”.

Opt for raw nuts and seeds. The roasting and salting is bad for the nut, and bad for you! You will be less likely to overeat the raw nut because the added salt and oil in the roasted version will signal your taste buds to keep eating.

Be careful of “power bars”, “energy bars”, etc. There are only a few on the market that actually give you any real nutritional benefit. They may use marketing words like “high protein”, “high fiber”, “low fat”, or “no sugar” making them seem like a good choice, but when you really look at the ingredient list it is filled with “food like substances” giving you empty calories and chemicals your body has to work overtime to eliminate or ends up storing as fat.

Determine ahead of time the amount of the snack you are going to eat and separate it away from the rest. For example – take a handful of raw cashews out of the container and then put the container away – reseal, and put behind a closed door, take the snack to another area, eat slowly and enjoy!


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