Red flag waved. Selling health.

Usually when bunches of people are asking you to sell the latest and greatest new product, a red flag should be waved. It is always about selling, which is why you keep getting asked to “join the program”. It is not often that people can just take their new product and keep quiet about it.

Red Flag

On day two of taking the product(s) they are telling you how much they are “loving it” or “addicted”. Is that what they have been programmed to say? Or is it more likely a result of their excitement about their income potential, rather than your health potential.

Bottom line, you are being asked to “join the program” so they can make money. The people that are trying to sell you, and that end up “over you” in the pyramid, usually don’t know the first thing about health, nutrition, skin care, or supplements.

But someone you know, love, or trust in other areas of your life tells you about it, and so you search the Internet. Guess what? Positive reviews are strategically placed (purchased) at every click.

I recently checked into a supplement someone was asking my opinion on. Here is what I saw when researching the ingredients:

  • Aspartic acid = Aspartame. This ingredient is HORRIFYING in a health promoting product! (in this particular product it was present along with a bunch of caffeine – can you say Diet Coke?) Really, it is cheaper to take a B complex pill and swallow it with your diet Coke or Pepsi because……
  • The proprietary blend was full of caffeine (it doesn’t say but I would guestimate 150 mgs per serving?) It should say! Compounds: Guarana, Green Tea, White Tea, Green Coffee Bean, Theobromine, Synephrine, CAN YOU SAY ADRENAL BURNOUT long term!?!!!
  • The chances of the probiotics in it being viable by the time of consumption is doubtful, even if they were, being a part of a proprietary blend, the dosage would probably be to small to give any real benefit.
  • The Irvingia is not indicated to be the right form, the B12 doesn’t say what form, nor the Folic Acid or D. Why?

One of the main reason supplements get bashed in the media is because there are still companies popping up that have nice websites, beautiful packaging, sell the concept of easy money tied to peoples health and emotions (marketing), and the product is garbage. Please stop selling health with garbage and ruining it for the companies out there that are doing it right.

Red Flag

Keep in mind that no supplement is, or will ever be FDA approved. Well let me take that back, never say never, they may approve one eventually as consumers continue taking supplements, and the FDA realizes they are losing out on potential dollar bills. But some companies will use language that makes it seem like their products are currently endorsed by the FDA, like it is a good thing.

Red Flag

When it comes to “sports nutrition” and the trainers that are selling these “specialized” (strategically packaged) supplements all of a sudden – guess what? 9 times out of 10 those trainers were already in outstanding shape with beautiful bodies and DID NOT get that way because of those supplements! They achieved that with dedication to their workouts and healthy eating way before someone got to them and convinced them of their “income potential” and additional “revenue streams” by selling their easily influenced members the dream of looking like them.

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