Chilled Heirloom Tomato Soup with Cucumber, Watermelon and Basil

This chilled heirloom tomato soup recipe was actually in People Magazine from Richard Rosendale of the Greenbrier Resort. I made this last week with rave reviews and I’m making it again today for lunch. It’s a perfect healthy summer recipe. Get creative with it. Try adding fresh sliced avocado and Turkish finishing salt on top!

Ingredients needed

2 ½ lbs heirloom tomato  (I used local FL tomatoes instead)

2 cups chicken or vegetable stock   (I make my own stock with a leftover Organic whole chicken)

2 garlic cloves

5 leaves basil

5 tbs. olive oil

2 tbs. red wine vinegar

1 pinch salt

2 pinch sugar


Peel tomatoes and cut into big pieces. Blend with garlic, basil, olive oil and vinegar. Put puree in a pot and add stock and seasonings. Warm up then chill on ice. Add cucumber and watermelon balls along with the basil to finish.

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