Questions for Melanie. Are you a Vegan, and how did you get your arms so toned?

After reposting the “trash the dress” photo shoot. I received a few similar questions from readers. I decided it was easiest to answer them in a post.

I’ve seen you write posts about being Vegan. How long have you been a vegan? Almost 20 years

Are you a strict vegan? Not by the most strict vegan standards. I wear leather, I eat honey, bee pollen, royal jelly etc. The only dairy I product I consume at home is raw butter sometimes. I eat as vegan as possible out at restaurants, but with a relaxed approach. I am sure I have consumed some chicken stock or hidden dairy over the years, especially when it comes to birthday cake!

What is your workout routine? Power walk/jog combo has been the best cardio for me over the years. I love music, so I love making playlists of motivating music to get lost in. This is my time to clear my head. I usually commit an hour to this first thing in the morning on average about 4 times per week. When I need to squeeze a work out in, or blow off some steam in 15 minutes or less, I bounce on the rebounder or mini trampoline. I am technically certified to teach urban rebounding classes, but never have.

I teach a lot of yoga as well as personal training. Even though I don’t “work out” with every client, by the end of the week the amount of demonstrating I’ve done is enough for me to maintain my muscle strength and tone. But to get me to that place, over the years my personal favorites have been yoga and free weights. I also used to love “combo” aerobics classes – step, hi-low impact, free weights, boot camp, and abs all in one. Now I am dating myself.

How did you get your arms so toned? Honestly, I think it is the combo of above. No dairy, clean diet, consistent cardio, with yoga + free weights mixed in.

What would you tell yourself 10 years ago? I would remind myself to continue to trust my intuition.

More questions? Leave in the comments below!

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