Protein Bar Smoothie

Protein Bar Smoothie

Have you purchased a protein bar (or 2 or 3 or 4) that by the description and ingredient listing, seemed like the perfect delicious snack, only to open it and take your first bite, and the taste does not meet your expectations? Now what? Throw the expensive protein bar away? Scarf it down so it “doesn’t go to waste”? We have the perfect solution:

The Protein Bar Smoothie

If this happens to you in the future, wrap the bar back up and use it as an ingredient in your next smoothie! It may act as a supplement, or as a replacement to one of your usual ingredients, depending on the nutrient value and flavor of the bar. The cranberries, sea buckthorn puree, and fermented probiotic, are all very tart ingredients in this smoothie. The sweet snack bar in combination with the banana, tones down the tartness.

1/3 cup frozen Organic Cranberries
1/2 frozen Organic Banana
1 3oz container BioK+ probiotic
1 tbsp Organic Elderberry Syrup
2oz Sibu Pure
1 serving Plant Based Protein – Chocolate
1 Coconut Cashew Snack Bar
3-4oz Organic Almond Milk

Combine all ingredients using a Blender or Vitamix. Enjoy!

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