Product review: Amanprana ORAC Botanico Herb Mix

ORAC Botanico Herb Mix

I was very excited to try the Aman Prana High ORAC Botanico herb mix, mainly because I am so excited about this entire company and the products they are making available. All of the Aman Prana products, including coconut oil, matcha, and Gula Java coconut blossom sugar, are rated according to their ORAC value, glycemic (GI) value, Bovis value – this is a frequency value that measures the energy and vitality present in our bodies and foods, and Yin and Yang value – a popular measure in traditional Chinese medicine. These measurements alone, found on all of their products, set Aman Prana apart from any other company that I am familiar with.


Aman Prana translates into “serene vitality” in Sanskrit and all of their products are as unprocessed as possible, lactose and gluten free, 100% organic, vegan, and fair trade where possible.

The ORAC Botanico Herb Mix is the first super food spice mix that I am familiar with. It contains nine high antioxidant herbs, four seaweeds, sea salt, and sumac berry, which at 312,000 has the highest ORAC value of all fruits, even goji. This combination gives the product 80 minerals, trace elements and 1000 micronutrients. It is also cleansing and alkaline forming.

Outstanding Salt

The sea salt it contains, Khoisan fleur de sel, is a unique coarse salt found on the Western coast of South Africa, where it makes its way underground through layers of limestone, quartz, and clay. It is hand harvested, dried in the sun, and measures much higher on the Bovis scale than Himalayan salt meaning that it is much higher in vitality, energy and regenerative properties.

Amazing Taste

The best part of all of this is that the product will make any dish taste amazing! We tried it on eggs, in a soup, in taco meat, and as a breading, with almond meal, on fish. It tastes great on vegetarian and meat based dishes and will change the whole flavor of the dish for the better. My whole family loved it, and I felt great knowing that I not only was able to cook a great tasting dish, but an extremely health promoting one as well, with just a simple addition.

You will find the ORAC Botanico Herb Mix in two varieties. One includes chilies and is slightly spicier than the original. I highly recommend these products and hope you will get a chance to try them soon as they make their way from Europe to the U.S.!

ORAC Botanico Herb Mix Spicy

Review by Michelle

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