Why choose a plant based diet?

Even though Society Wellness is not strictly a vegan or vegetarian blog, eating a primarily plant based diet is what we encourage. A plant based diet provides your body with all of the protein you need, without all the things you don’t want — like the hormones, antibiotics, and steroids commonly found in animal products. A plant based diet is also easier to digest, low in saturated fat, alkaline-forming, and much better for the environment.

Weight Loss

Following a plant based diet isn’t about losing weight, it’s about a lifestyle. It’s certainly possible to lose weight while eating a clean, plant based diet, but a healthy body means more than just reaching a desirable number. It’s a lifetime commitment to whole body wellness. Very rarely do weight concerns exist as part of a big-picture approach to health.

Environmental Impact

A plant based diet is the single biggest positive environmental impact you can make as an individual. Plant based diets reduce CO2 emissions (your carbon footprint) far more effectively than changing your commute from driving to walking, cycling, or taking public transportation, and provides maximum nutrient density while using fewer water, arable land, and fossil fuel energy resources than animal based foods.

Society Wellness

The name of our blog suggests doing all we can for the greater good, and maximizing our nutritional intake from plant based foods is just one way we can keep our immune systems strong and our minds healthy, which in turn affects the people around us in many ways including keeping the cost of health care down.

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