Vegan Paleo Fruit Tarts

Paleo Fruit Tarts

This is a fun dessert if you are having company over. These paleo fruit tarts are very easy to make and great for kids or adults. If you do not have individual tart pans, just make one large tart. Make … Continue Reading…


Common allergens and your health

90 percent of all food allergies in the United States are linked to a very short list of foods. Keep in mind, you could easily have an intolerance or sensitivity that would not technically be classified as an allergy, but … Continue Reading…


Kohlrabi and Cabbage Coleslaw

kohlrabi and cabbage

My family and I recently subscribed to a community supported agriculture share from one of our local farms and have been blessed with so many fresh, organic greens! We have also gotten some vegetables that I normally do not eat/buy … Continue Reading…


Electricity and Healing

Electricity has been used in medicine since the days of the Romans. Electric torpedo fish were used for pain relief. Later, the electrostatic violet ray invented by Nikola Tesla, took the place of the fish. Nikola Tesla was the great genius … Continue Reading…


Amazon to Africa Smoothie Recipe

Amazon African Smoothie

This smoothie has a couple of unique ingredients, but they are readily available at your natural foods market. Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is a berry found in the Amazon Rainforest. Rich in antioxidants, fiber, and omegas. Baobab (pronounced bay-o-bob) is a … Continue Reading…


You are drinking the wrong wine!


There are practices in wine making that I had no idea about. Although I really like it, I’m not an everyday wine drinker like some of my friends. I have always been interested in the health benefits, as well as … Continue Reading…


Stay hydrated, stay efficient

Many people are so used to being dehydrated, that they no longer recognize the normal signal of thirst. Any loss of water equaling 2-3% of our body weight will begin to affect performance adversely. Continue Reading…

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Why do people go on a cleanse?

Why do people go on a cleanse or a detox? When is it legit, when is it hype? Do most do it because it sounds sexier, cooler, trendier, and healthier than going on a “diet”? People who follow a program … Continue Reading…

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Jalapeño Hummus Recipe

Jalapeño Hummus

My husband has perfected this jalapeño hummus recipe at our house. It is so easy to make, and even though the garbanzo beans are from a can, this hummus tastes so fresh. We use it all week long. On crackers, … Continue Reading…


Should you eat nuts and seeds?

nuts and seeds

Raw, organic nuts (make sure they are raw and organic!) are a great source of healthy, unsaturated fats, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and plant sterols. Many doctors will recommend nuts as a heart healthy snack food, as evidence has shown that … Continue Reading…

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Skip nut butter, eat seed butter!

seed butter

Michelle’s daughter attends a nut-free elementary school. This seed butter recipe was tweaked and embellished from one that she found online while researching nut butter alternatives. It is very easy to make and tastes just as good, if not better, … Continue Reading…


Why you shouldn’t eat breakfast or eat before a workout.

Dr. Mercola keeps posting articles on this subject, and it has me tickled pink because although this is what I have done intuitively for over 20 years, it goes against what almost all health professionals claim, which is: eat breakfast, … Continue Reading…


Put these 5 things into your mouth instead of a cigarette.

You just quit smoking – Yay!! Or maybe you are still “planning” on quitting, but you just haven’t made that full commitment. Either way, your intention is to improve your health, so congratulations! Let’s look at what you could put … Continue Reading…

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PEMF is a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field and it’s good for your health


Get ready, this is a longer post than we usually do, but most people have not heard of PEMF. We hadn’t either until recently. We are amazed at what we have learned, and excited to share this therapy. PEMF stands … Continue Reading…


Top 10 Benefits of Adaptogens. Wait, what are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a rare group of botanicals and mushrooms possessing unique properties that can offer a safe and natural way to contribute to full body health. Adaptogens promote a holistic balance within the body, helping you adapt to mental and … Continue Reading…