Not enough time to go to the gym? Can’t find any time to exercise??? No more excuses!

These days it seems that everyone is busy and burning the candle at both ends! Usually the first thing that is neglected when schedules are tight is the commitment to exercise. You may not have time to go to the gym, but you CAN find time to exercise. Everyone is guilty of making excuses, including us, so we have decided to make a list of ways to incorporate fitness into daily life, proving that keeping fit can be convenient, and fun!

Some of these tips you most likely have heard before, but are you actually using them? No more excuses, make time to exercise!

10 ways you can make time to exercise:

1. If you live just a short distance from your job, ride your bike to work. Wear protective gear and give yourself enough time to get there and freshen up before starting work on time

2. When going to the store, park in a spot furthest from the entrance and walk a few extra steps

3. If your office is on a reasonably higher level, take the stairs

4. At home when watching TV ditch the couch for a seat on a yoga ball/balance ball

5. After dinner or on the weekends, take the family or some friends out to the closest neighborhood park and bring the bicycles, badminton racquets, hoola hoops, basketball or jump ropes etc. You don’t have to be good at any of it, all you have to do is have fun.

6. Wake up early. Get up 30 minutes earlier than you normally do and take a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

7. Do your chores. Mop the floor, scrub the bathtub or do other housework at a pace fast enough to get your heart pumping. Outdoor work counts, too. Mowing the lawn with a push mower. Raking and hoeing strengthens your arms and back, and digging works your arms and legs.

8. Be active while watching TV. Use hand weights, or do a stretching or yoga routine during your favorite shows. Get off the couch to change the channel or adjust the volume.

9. Take daily walks with your dog. If you don’t have a dog, borrow one. An enthusiastic dog may give you the motivation you need to lace up your walking shoes.

10. Dancing! See Karen’s comment below.

We hope that this post will eventually contain every possible way that you could sneak more exercise into your busy schedule.

If you have a a tip we can include, please leave it in the comment section below!

Post inspired by Karen

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2 Responses to Not enough time to go to the gym? Can’t find any time to exercise??? No more excuses!

  1. Karen Thomas says:

    Dancing as fitness? Why not? Just because you may not be in your 20’s anymore does not mean that you can’t go dancing every so often. Is that not some of the best fun you have ever had? I’m talking about an all out ‘boogie woogie’ and shake it good kind of dancing. What better way of burning some calories, having loads of fun, creating or continuing great comradery and offloading tons of stress.

  2. Amy says:

    Wow. No one can ever have an excuse for not having time to exercise anymore!
    There is certainly a few of these which I can do more often – Thanks for sharing!

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