Nicole’s Top 6 Tips For Staying Healthy: Sleep, Tea, Workouts, Eating Well, Supplements, Neti Pot

Nicole hopes these tips help you stay healthy this season, or anytime you are feeling a little out of sorts. “I can’t stress enough about listening to your body and then making changes when you first feel something going on!” Check out her top 6.

Tips for Staying Healthy

1. Sleep – I’m a good sleeper but when I feel run down I have no problem hopping into bed an hour early each night that week. If you have trouble sleeping, check out my post on that topic here.

2. Green Tea – I drink green tea every morning, but if I feel a tingle in my throat I’ll drink an extra cup a day or drink some white tea as well. White tea has antiseptic properties that are great for fighting a sore throat.

3. Workouts – Even when I’m tired I still workout. I may take it easy and only go for a walk, but fresh air and sunshine does a body good!

4. Eating well – Food is fuel so when starting to feel sick I make sure I’m eating a lot of greens and protein. Cooking at home is huge for me. When I cook I can control exactly what is going into my meals, making sure not to add unneeded butter, oil and fat.

5. Vitamins – Taking vitamins regularly and consistently keeps your body’s immune system healthy and strong. I will load up when not feeling so hot, but I remember to take my B Complex and Adrenal Support every day.

6. Neti Pot – a friend helped me try a neti pot for the first time when my allergies started to get bad. It was actually easy and I use my pot when allergy season is bad or when I feel congested. Does the tick every time!

What do you do as health insurance? What are your tips for staying healthy? Let us know in the comments below.

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