Need an altitude or attitude adjustment? How to fortify the body in times of stress.

Running up a few flights of stairs can leave me winded; bounding up endless flights of monastery stairs at 12,000 feet altitude is a whole ‘nother story. My husband and I lead tours to India, including the Tibetan plateau of Ladakh nestled high in the Himalayas. On our last trip we drove over one of the world’s highest motorable passes, Khardung La at 17,582 feet. How in the world does one prepare the body for such a shift? With Adrenal Health that’s how!

Adaptogenic herbs, can fortify the body in times of mental and physical stress. One adaptogen in particular, Rhodiola, is especially adept at promoting faster adaptation to altitude changes. Rhodiola has a rich history in Tibetan medicine for its ability to make the harsh climate more manageable; Tibetan monks have also historically used it to maintain calm and concentration during long hours of meditation. – Lauren

My husband and I took a trip to Santa Fe New Mexico. About 48 hours into the trip my husband reported that he wasn’t feeling great, and having a hard time getting a deep breath. We didn’t realize until later that day that the elevation we were at was around 7,200 feet! The altitude was getting to him. I soon realized that I take Adrenal Health everyday, and my husband did not. I felt great the entire trip, I physically did not notice the altitude at all. So for in prep for his business trip to Colorado the following month he added it to his routine and had no trouble with altitude sickness at all. – Melanie

Photo Credit: BJ Graf and Insight Travels

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