Natural treatment for burns. Will this become our famous Burn Support Smoothie?

Natural Treatment for Burns

We posted a smoothie recipe based on a collection of super foods and supplements that would be most beneficial for healing the skin, specifically burns. We were so thankful and happy to hear from the person whose story inspired our post! She made the smoothie religiously, and the 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her hand healed beautifully, leaving no scars or marks to show that anything had ever happened.


This is where we have to insert the disclaimer and say, “there is no way of knowing or any scientific proof that drinking the smoothie daily had anything to do with healing the burn”. We are fine with that because, who really cares, she made a full recovery and that is all that matters.

Second success story

However, there is a second story. Another friend had a “waxing mishap” at a professional salon. Wax was used on the apple of her cheek, and ended up burning that whole area. The result was a large, raw burn on her face. By the time we found out about it, days had passed using some topical products that were recommended, but frustration was setting in, as there was little improvement. We told her about the smoothie that seemed to be a natural treatment for burns due to the success story of our other friend. Feeling desperate and ready to try anything, she purchased the ingredients, and started to make it everyday as well.

She reported in 48 hours a significant improvement, and the days that followed, speed healing. It went from a raw open burn/sore, to smooth soft healed skin with slight discoloration, to looking now like nothing ever happened.

Remember, “copy – paste” disclaimer from above here.

The photo was sent unsolicited to us by this friend with the cheek burn, with the following helpful tips for making double batches in order to save time and stay consistent.

Want to drink a smoothie daily but cut prep time?

“Blend enough ingredients for three (3) smoothies. Store two (2) in refrigerator, in sealed Ball jars. (The jars are sold at your local hardware store.) Grab, go, shake and enjoy!”

Skin Soothing Sea Buckthorn Colada Smoothie

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